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touristic places in Colon City – Panama

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Considered one of the Eight Wonders of the World, the Panama Canal is one of the most fascinating places in the world, where human genius and skill join to link two oceans and bring the world closer together. Gatun Locks on the Atlantic, you can observe the working of the Canal from well-placed balconies.

The first Spanish structure as one enters Portobelo from the west is Castillo Santiago de la Gloria, on the left side of the road. It’s the last incarnation of a fort that was built, destroyed, rebuilt, and tinkered with for more than 150 years and never ended up defending the town particularly well. These ruins date from 1753.

Colon’s Christ Church by the Sea, built for an original congregation largely composed of Americans working for the railroad and Britons in the shipping business, is the oldest standing Protestant church on the Meso-American mainland and the second oldest in all of Latin America. These days its congregation is largely composed of Panamanians of West Indian descent.

The Colon Free Zone is a Global Logistical Center. It’s an important supplier of goods to other free zones such as the one on San Andres Island (Colombia) and Margarita (Venezuela), and also the Aruba Trade Center. Many tourist may shop with out paying taxes in this places, they can find a great variety of products.

Currently serves as weekend destination for urban Panamanians and tourists, however, potential exists here for the tourism sector. is an exciting and popular place in Panama that people simply know as “La Isla” (The Island). The island is inside the Portobelo National park, just 5 minutes by motor boat from the small town of La Guaira on the main land that makes its living out fishing and tourism.

The Panama Railroad became the first transcontinental railway when it was completed in 1855 of course, a “transcontinental” line is a lot easier to make when you’ve only got 50 miles to cross. The California Gold Rush brought the new railway lots of business; eventually it was sold to first the French, and then the Americans, in conjunction with the efforts to build the Panama Canal, in 1979. Now it’s a private venture, completely rebuilt, with elegantly refurbished passenger coaches who transport well-heeled commuters and the occasional tourist.

The city counts on two new ports of cruises. These are: the complex Columbus 2000 and Wharf 6 of the Cristobal Port; both were successful in his first years from operations.

By sixth consecutive year Manzanillo stays at the top of the movement of Manzanillo containers obtained 2 º places in load handling.

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