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The Panama Canal Tugboats and Locomotives

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The Panama Canal Tugboats

With the arrival of two new tugboats named Los Santos and Herrera, respectively, in 2002 the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) completed a fleet of 24 units that provides daily services to vessels transiting the Canal.

This equipment is operated by transit Resources Division personnel. The four recently acquired tugboats are made of steel and have a Schottel system for stern azimuthal propulsion. Each features a 4,400-horsepower Deutz engine, with specifications that allow the ACP to provide high quality transit services to its users.


Locomotive Upgrade

The Power of Locomotives

The 290 HP locomotives are used to keep ships in the proper relation to the locks structures. They are essential for a safe and expeditious transit, and run on tow tracks along the lock walls from one end to the other.

A new generation of locomotives has now been incorporated into the Panama Canal, and they are expected to enhance Canal services for the benefit of world trade. Each locomotive weighs 50 tons, operates with two 290 HP traction units and has a towing capacity of 311.8 kilonewtons at 4.8 kilometers per hour, and of 178.2 kilonewtons at 8 kilometers per hour. They can move the same load at 3.2 and 4.8 kilometers per hour, respectively. Their maximum return speed is 16 kilometers per hour. They are lighter, stronger, and faster than the previously used models. Reduction in lockage time is among the benefits of their new design.


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