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The little red riding hood

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Once upon a time a beautiful girl. Her mother made him a red coat and the girl always wear it so everybody called her the Little Red Riding Hood.
One day, her mother ask her to take some cakes to her grandmother that lived at the other side of the forest, but telling her that not to entertain herself in the road, because crossing the forest was very dangerous, because the wolf was always there.
The little red riding hood took her basket with the cakes and goes to her journey. The girl had to cross the forest to arrive her grandmother house, but she wasn’t scare because there where a lot of her friends: the birds, and the squirrels.
Suddenly she saw the wolf, which was bigger, in front of her.
¿Where are you going, kid? Ask the wolf whit his stronger voice.
To my grandmother house, said the little red riding hood.
That’s not far away, though the wolf for him, doing a half turn.
The little red riding hood put her basket in the in the ground y she start picking flowers: the wolf has gone, she though, there nothing to be afraid. Grandmother will be very happy when I give her this beautiful branch of flowers and the cakes.
Meanwhile, the wolf went to the grandmother house, called whispering to the door and the old women open it thinking was the little red riding hood. A hunter man that was passing there had watch arrival of the wolf.
The wolf ate the grandmother and wear her pink hat, he introduce into her bed and close his eyes.

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