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The Free Zone Commerce

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The principle of TLC is to open markets for free commerce in every country that becomes a part of the agreement. This means the U.S.A. and any one of the countries mentioned.
The organization of the Popular Workens Representatives of Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and Costa Rica. Their goals was to unify and propound common strategic on which they’ll base their opposition to the TLC between Central America and the United States.
According to these Latin countries representatives, the TLC is just another instrument that the U.S.A. pretends to use to continue exploiting Latin America.
The negotiation between the Republic of Panama and the U.S.A., for instance, will define the future of the commerce and the enfine lifestyle of everyone in the country. This negotiation is particularly concerned with the agricultural, industrial, texture and maritime area.
Both Panama and the United States have emphasized that they are almost ready to ultimate conversations; but they have left the delicate argument about the agriculture and the access of the U.S.A. companies to bid on the affairs placed by the authority of the Panama Canal.
If the U.S.A. decide not to include sugar in the treaty with Panama, then we should not consider rice coming from the U.S.A. to Panama. The province of Chiriqui produces almost 60% of the rice that the country consumes. If we sign the treaty with the U.S.A. including the product, it will affect the people who transport this product, and definitely hurt every other person that depends of rice.
Panama has 80 representatives from the private enterprises that went to Los Angeles – California to learn more about this treaty.
Mr. Francisco Aleman a Panamanian legislator said that it is necessary to approve a credit of one million dollar to pay for the cost of the negotiation treaty of free commerce.
There is a strong group in the country that insist that we show make much of the opportunities offered by the treaty, and that we should find the money for the negotiation. Furthermore, the U.S.A. represent an important market for Panama, they added.
According to the Vice President of Panama, Arturo Vallarino, we have no rush to sign this treaty. He claims that it is going to affect the field of agriculture and that there will be no treaty.
Fortunately, the majority of the population agree that the treaty has to be good for the country. If it does not benefit the majority then there is no reason to go through with it.

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