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Technics before and after reading

Brainstorming before reading

A Argued N
B Beliefs O
C Constructivism P
D Dint Q
E Empower R Recalcitrance
G T Thwart
H Host U
I Ingested B
J W Whereby
M Merely Z

After Reading the text

3 Things you found out
  1. According to constructivism, education has two main purposes: to empower learning to think for themselves and to promote it to future generation
  2. The teachers as a reflective practitioner have to be effective in the approaches they decide to take.
  3. There are a number of things that we should know about teacher´s beliefs.
2 Interesting things in the text
  1. Education can be an enriching experience
  2. Learners are like banks account where deposit are made a drawn upon.
1 Question you still have
  1. What is the importance of vocation in the teaching learning process?
What I know
  1. Teachers bring their knowledge to Learning process.
  1. We have to practice our theory
  1. Our personalities as teacher are very important.
  1. Teachers have to enjoy to teach.
  1. To teach by the way of cultural, moral no only academic.
Prompt students to talk about / brainstorm their ideas and associations
What I want to know
  1. More methodologies and techniques to discover abilities in learners
  1. To put in practice by the way of teaching all theories I read.
  1. More about the ways to teach to think and analize
  1. Methods to read information about teaching learning process.
Ask the students what they think very might learn and what they would like to learn
What I have learnt
  1. It’s very important to increase our knowledge as a teacher.
  1. The importance of teacher´s beliefs in education
  1. Beliefs about learners describe them
  1. New words to increase my vocabulary
  1. Teaching is not informative of knowledge, also is mainly an expression of values and attitudes.
Check the accuracy of the information in column K

Discuss what is not answered from the questions in column W

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