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Security testimonies of several workers

The case studies are real examples showing how certain problems in health and safety (OHS). It can also include campaigns or activities undertaken to promote OSH and help solve problems in the workplace. Here you will find a database with these examples that the EU- OSHA has collected and compiled in the EU Member States and throughout the world. If publishing is to demonstrate that action can be taken that do exist solutions to many of the OSH problems and that these solutions can be transposed to other workplaces. Logically, you can take advantage of the conceptual and technical, but not directly extrapolate solutions from one workplace to another, because each site has its own characteristics. You can search for instances of various forms, such as by topic, industry or country.

Know the theoretical industrial safety allows consistent and accurate decisions when performing any work and to present any unwanted event. This is why every company, the physical and mental health of their employees to achieve Harmony Labour and Productivity, By respecting all legal provisions regarding Health and Safety, provides the laws and rules.

Health is a resource on which members of the organization, and is not to be understood simply as the absence of disease, but also as a state of complete physical, mental and social which allows the full development of personality. It is important to recognize that health is a right of every person and in no way a concession. “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person” Industrial hygiene regulations were aimed at preserving the health of workers and industrial communities and must contain all preventive measures in local control, work centers and manufacturing facilities .



Javier works in the warehouse of a graphic arts industry. One morning, he woke up a little late, so we quickly got dressed and headed to work. At the store, and in view of that was late, decided to pick up a box of soil that was in the hallway and prevented the passage, before changing clothes and putting on footwear.

The large size of the box Javier encompasses almost prevented her arms. Luckily, I was half empty and its weight was not excessive, so that although his transfer was painful, could with her. Passing next to the truck, he realized she was wearing a string of sneaker untied, but thought, which had cost him take the box, try to take it to its destination first, and then would tie the shoe.

Javier went his way down the hall and played a joke to his partner Michael, who was collecting soil waste (paper, plastic, cardboard, etc.). As he had indicated in charge of the workshop, so that dirt their jobs not cause an accident. In order to collect all waste, Miguel had to move the container, placing it in the hallway.

Meanwhile, another worker, who had finished breakfast, went to get a broom cleaning room to collect the remains of the sandwich he had eaten. When I was walking, Javier sensed, as their visibility was almost zero, the temporary wooden ramp leading to the second level of the warehouse should be close. It was then realized that one of the bulbs was burned out and that should be notified of this. Despite his good intuition, Javier did not know that someone had removed the ramp to pick up a piece and had not been put back in place.

Causes which may produce a fall in this testimony

Using sneakers instead of proper footwear Remains of food scattered on the floor
Transporting hands a box large Temporary ramp leading to the second level up off your site
Take the shoe untied and continue working despite having realized it. poor lighting
Existence of residues in soil Poor visualization of the worker, due to the size of the box
Distracted with another worker while performing a job Container off-site, blocking the way


Luis is a student of a higher level training cycle electricity and electronics. Since last month is making mandatory practices company maintenance of electrical installations. Collaborates with Enrique, electrician, in the electrical breakdown of other companies and has already started to do some work, always under the supervision of Henry. This morning have led to a fruit packing industry to fix a fault, as some workers have complained of cramp in the chain when washing and packaging. Upon arriving at the company, the manager explains that the first thing to notice the cramps did was to call the maintainer, but it turned out that he was sick and could not go immediately.

Given this, two of the workers of the packing tried to solve the problem. First, without first verifying the absence of tension, dismantled the rack enclosure packaging chain, but as externally observed no anomaly, decided to access the motor. But neither could find the cause. Before starting work, Luis and Enrique ask the attendant security features of the electrical installation of the packing. He responds that the chain is connected to the overall grounding of the building and also has a circuit breaker, but as “jumping” frequently and interrupting the production process decided to put it out of service.

After checking the comments of the manager, they look at the entire system of the company and note that in the base socket adapters are installed several (“thieves”), which provide energy for three different team’s machinery, excessively burdening the system. Also, see that the connection cables are not machines raceways in passageways and work. Luis Enrique tells you attempt to repair the damage while he supervises. The first thing Luis is turn the power off. Then dry the water accumulated in the soil because drainage systems wash chain is partially clogged.

Luis pulls the rack enclosure and access to the engine to try to discover the origin of the cramps. In reviewing the state of the connections, he realizes that one wire was spliced ​​and had lost the insulation (was “stripped”) and the other is black.

Luis Enrique says:

– This cable is “open” and the other, singed … now what?

Enrique replied:

– It is best to replace the entire cable “bare” because joints do not guarantee proper protection. The other wire is in very poor condition and would also be desirable to change because not guarantee safe isolation.

Luis grabs the toolbox pliers to change the cables. When cut, it stops and tells Henry:

– Give me a rag.

– What now?

– Well … that are grease-stained pliers and slip me. After the repair, Luis Enrique and shop foreman explained the anomalies that have been detected at the facility; also Enrique says that within a few days you will receive a report of electrical risk factors packaging chain and preventive measures should be taken.

Electrical risk factors

  • Work wash chain with partially clogged drainage systems
  • Use hand tools in disrepair
  • Splicing in a bad cable
  • Perform electrical work without the proper training to connecting cables without raceways in areas with steps
  • Overloading electrical adapters installed base socket
  • Handle security systems against electrical risks negating its protective functions



Fermin was changing the engine oil of a truck at a car repair shop. When finished empty the tank, away from the pickup truck the oil can that was on the ground and continued his work. This recipient had been used before to pick up a car’s gas. In the back of the truck was Lucas, another operator completely oblivious to the operation of the oil change. Deburring was polishing with a portable welding deposit made ​​in the truck. Incandescent particles projected by the trimmer were to fall on the oil pan, which had also gasoline, and burned rapidly. Fermin was nearby and saw the fire so localized, tried to put it out with his foot, but get away from the flames ignited in the legs of his pants because they were very dirty grease and paint.

His companions, Leo, Carmen and Luke, they were astonished with the accident: Fermin jumped, screamed and beat her hands legs wrapped in flames. Do not know what to do. At first raised to use the extinguisher to put out the fire, but failed to do so for fear of poison Fermin… (he kept jumping and screaming). Finally reacted, he was thrown to the ground and violently tearing clothes body, finished with flames. At the same time, the fire had spread to a part of the workshop, so that Luke was attending the wounded in a safe and Carmen and Leo went to douse the flames using two fire extinguishers. When they got off, came with his teammates. Fermin was alone, lying on the ground face up and his head resting on some clothes, his face pale and complained of severe pain in the legs. At that time, Lucas came running with a glass of water in hand. Fermin approached him and gave him a drink in small sips.

Lucas, very nervous, he explained that Fermin looked terrible and had gone to telephone for help. By the way, and at the insistence of the wounded, had brought the water. Leo and Carmen were more relaxed, calmed Lucas and, while awaiting medical assistance, tried to do something more for Fermin. They recalled that the kit was an anesthetic ointment that soothed the pain. They were looking for him and, with a clean tissue, they applied on burns.

Soon after, came the desired aid and evacuated the wounded to hospital.


  • Throwing violently crashed to the ground and rip her clothes ON
  • Do not apply water in abundance in areas affected by burns
  • Put the injured person in a position unsafe for your health
  • Leave an injured person alone and unaided be exposed to in the case of another mishap
  • Provide drinking water hurt
  • Apply a type of mishandling putting ointment on burns



Toni works in a hair salon and dilutes ammonia need to bleach the hair to a client, for it goes to the shelves hairdressing hall where chemicals are stored, and gets a 5 liter container. Containing ammonia. As there is no package which uses commonly labeled ammonia to pour some of the content, take an empty container that uses Charo, the beautician in the salon, which is labeled with the name of acetone and some features of this product. Pour half the amount the vessel containing ammonia in the new packaging, and it removes the small amount you need and puts it in a jar.

As a hurry, Toni does not replace the label with acetone by other indications of ammonia, but as a companion reminds him that it is important that each product has your name, think he will as soon as possible. After a while, Charo addresses aisle shelves because you need acetone to “give hand” to a client. In order to take the vessel had left Toni labeled acetone, Charo has to remove a hair helmet that prevents access to the products and that someone had left on Meanwhile, Toni ammonia poured into a container and then mixed with hydrogen peroxide without putting gloves on his hands because, despite having some areas of reddened hands, thinks the phrase: “Irritating to eyes, skin and airway” always reading the bottle of ammonia is exaggerated. Suddenly, Charo’s client starts screaming and gets up quickly from his chair clutching winced with his left hand.

Charo, very surprised, looks at the lady’s hand and see that it has a finger red. Toni quickly explains what happened to the vessels, and the first thing that occurs to Toni Charo is telling me to see the safety instructions on the label of ammonia. Toni replied that the label is very old and worn and cannot be read almost nothing so then Charo decide to call the poison control center or the person responsible for marketing the product to ask what he could do, but these data also be read clearly.

Charo then remembers that, in a basic course he attended work-related, we reported the existence of Safety Data Sheets to provide data about the product, but the manager of the salon says neither has them, so he decides plenty of water wetting the finger of the lady and advised to go to see a doctor.

Risk Factors

Store in inappropriate places dangerous products Lack of training in working with hazardous chemicals
Do not use protective equipment when required to work with hazardous substances No additional information available to the labels, which also contains safety data of chemicals
Having labels that identify illegible and worn products Save flammable substances in a location near heat sources.
Leave a container with a label that does not correspond to the product containing Ignoring the safety recommendations indicated on the label (“phrases S”) in the handling of hazardous substances



Consider that the accident was due to a single cause is a statement that anyone today would think, although it is still quite common frame the accident only a lack of safety measures without considering that not only security flaw in the workplace where the accident occurs, but many other measures fail and fail all working conditions.

Al this testimonies shows how the absence of security, makes an accident in the foolish way. That why all the students in this career most know all the security safety for knowing what to do in this cases.










  1. Accident: is an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance, often with lack of intention or necessity.

  1. Prevention: is creating conditions that promote good health. It is achieved by reducing those factors that are known to cause illness and problem behaviors and encouraging those factors that buffer individuals and promote good health.

  1. Worker: is a person who works. This usually means a person who does manual labour, like manufacturing goods.

  1. Warehouse: is a commercial building for storage of goods. Warehouses are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, customs, etc.

  1. Supervision: is management by overseeing the performance or operation of a person or group. It is the act of watching over the work or tasks of another who may lack full knowledge of the concept at hand.

  1. Circuit breaker: is a manually or automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit.

  1. Incandescent: is an electric light which produces light with a filament wire heated to a high temperature by an electric current passing through it, until it glows.

  1. Injury: is damage to a biological organism which can be classified on various bases.

  1. Mishap: an unpredictable outcome that is unfortunate is also considerate as an unfortunate accident.

  1. Label: is a piece of paper, polymer, cloth, metal, or other material affixed to a container or article, on which is printed a legend, information concerning the product, addresses, etc. Information printed directly on a container or article can also be considered labeling.

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