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Practice of English Guide

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First Part

I. Verb Be.

Personal pronouns:

Singular: I- am, you -are, she –is he- is.

Plural: we- are you -are they -are.

Possessive adjectives:

Singular I -my, you- your, she – her, He- his.

Plural: we-our, they- their.

Complete the sentences, using pronouns or possessives adjectives.

Example I am a teacher.

We are students, these are our books

  1. They are my brothers.
  2. He is a doctor, his hospital is there.
  3. She is Mrs. Susan. I am her brother.
  4. I am sixteen years old.
  5. You are fat.
  6. I am a teacher. My name is Maria.
  7. What is your name?
  8. She is the psychology. Her name is Anna.
  9. Carlos is a fireman. His last name is Gonzalez.
  10. Juan is a lawyer. His office is located in B avenue.


II Write the months of the year, numbers (1-20), and days of the week.

Months of the year:

































Days of the Week:









III Match. Fill the blank spaces with the corrects right numbers.


6 How old are you? 1. It is in September.

5 When is their birthday? 2. They are Juan and José

2 What are their names? 3. Today is Monday.

3 What day is today? 4. They are six months old

4 How old are they? 5. On October.

1 When is your birthday? 6. I am fourteen



David: Great photos, Mei! Tell me about this photo.

Mei: Well, that’s my sister, Carol. She’s ten years old. I have three sisters.

David: four girls in your family! Wow!

Mei: And I have a brother, too.

David: What a big family! Are these your parents?

Mei: yes, this is my mother and father.

David: and who’s this cute baby in that photo?

Mei: Guess who?


Exercise about the conversation, read the conversation and answer the questions.

Example: Who’s ten years old?

Carol is ten years old.

1. How many brothers and sisters does Mei Have?

Mei have 1 brother and three sisters

2. How many people are in Mei’s family?

At Mei´s family there 6 people living with her

3. Who do you think is the cute baby in the photo?

The cute baby in the photo is Mei


Bibliography recommended:

Super Goal, Student Book 2. Author: Manuel dos Santos. English Dictionary, Internet



Exercise 1: Translate the following adverbs of frequency: always, usually, sometimes, never.

Always: Siempre

Usually: usualmente, generalmente

Sometines: Algunas veces

Never: Nunca


Exercise 2: Unscramble the sentences.

Example: in the morning/usually/at seven o’clock/get up/l.

I usually get up at seven o’clock in the morning.

1. Opens / at nine / usually / the bank

The Bank usually opens at nine.

2. close / The supermarket /on Sundays / never.

The supermarket never close on Sundays.

3. To work / drive / always / My parents.

My parents always drive to work.


Exercise 3: use do for I, we you, they and does for she, he and it.

Example: Does Mr.. Nixon teach math?

Yes, he does.

Does Mike have blue eyes? No, he doesn’t

1. Does Angela sing in a band Yes, she does .

2. Do you take math? Yes, I do .

3 Do you like science? No, I don’t .

4. Do you speak English? No, I don’t .

5. Does she study French on Monday? Yes, she does .



Ted: I love weekends.

Saturdays and Sundays are my favorites days.

Liz: What do you usually do on the weekend?

Ted: I always play soccer on Saturday mornings.

Sometimes I go to a movie on Saturday night.

Liz: What do you do on Sundays?

Ted: I always get up late and have a big breakfast. Then I watch TV all day. What about you?

Liz: I always work on Saturdays. I have a part-time job and on Sundays, I study all day. Ted: When do you relax?

Liz: Never!


Exercise 4: about the conversation, read the conversation and answer the following sentences. Example: Does Ted like weekends? yes, he does

1. What does he usually do on weekends?

Ted usually gets up late, have a big breakfast, go playing soccer all morning and went to movies at night.

2. What does Liz do on the weekend?

Liz on weekends she have to work every Saturday in a part time job, then on Sundays the study all day.

3. Do you think Liz likes the weekend?

No she don’t.


Exercise 5: complete with the correct form of the verb like to. Make affirmative or negative statements. Example:

Affirmative: I like to swim

Negative: I don’t like to swim/ She doesn’t like to swim.

Chris is my boyfriend. He and I like to do different things. He don’t like to play sports. His favorite sport is basketball. He like to watch it on TV, too. I’m the opposite. I like to play sports, and I don’t like to Watch sports on TV. I like to go to clubs, and I like to Dance. Chris is different. He don’t like to go to clubs, and he don’t like to . We both like to restaurants, but Chris restaurants. I don’t like to go to Italian restaurants, but Christ like to eat Chinese restaurants.


Exercise 6: make sentences from the given words sentences using can or can’t.


A bird/sing

Can a bird sing?

Yes it can

A horse/sing

Can a house sing?

No, it can’t

1. A boat/ float on the water

A boat can float on the water? Yes it can

2. A rock/ float on water

A rock can float on water? No it can’t

3. A child/drive a car

A child can drive a car? No it can’t

4. An adult/ drive a car

An adult can drive a car? Yes it can

5. A newborn baby/ walk

A newborn baby can walk? No it can’t

6. A deaf person/ hear

A deaf person can hear? No it can’t

7. A cat / climb trees

A cat can climb trees? Yes it can

Bibliography recommended:

Super Goal, student Book 1, Author: Manuel Dos Santos English dictionary, Internet.


Third Part

Exercise # 1. Numbers

Match the words and numbers.
632-2485Two-five-seven-eight-four-three- five.
75 San FranciscoTelephone number
93 South StreetZip code


Exercise # 2. Write the answers.

Example: What’s your first name? Pedro is my first name

1. What’ s your first name? My name is Joham

2. What’s your last name? My last name is James

3. What’ s your address? My address is at Arco Iris 5795 apartment

4. What’ s the name of your street? The name of my street is Caiscos Street

5. What’s the name of your school?The name of my school is Bella Vista Highschool


Exercise # 3. Complete the information on the form.

Name James Joham .

Last First Middle

Address Caicos, Arco Iris 5795 Apartment B .

Street Apartment

City Panama .

City State Zip Code


Exercise # 4. Read the text.

Corma Tam is at the store now. She works at the store in the afternoon. In the evening, she goes to school. The school is on Center Street. It’s across from the store. Sometimes Corma works in the evening. She doesn’t like that because then she cannot go to school. Corma works hard.

School Fire department Store Laundromat Bank Post office.

Excuse me. Where’s the post office? It’s next to the bank

Where’s the school? It’s next to the Fire deparment

Where’s the fire station? It’s next to the School and the store

Where’s the Laundromat? It’s next to the store and the bank


Exercise # 5. Complete the sentences below.

PlaceWhere is…?When is open?
The Bank
Post officeAcross from the storeMonüngand afiemoon
Police station
LibranBetween the bank and the fire stationAfternoon and evening

When is the post office open? It´s open morning and afternoon.

Where is the bank? It´s next the library.

When is the police station opne? Its open all day.

Where is the police office? Its across the store.

When is the store open? Its across the post office.

When is the library open? Its open afternoon and evening

Where is the library? Its between the bank and the fire station

Where is the police station? Its next the post office.


Exercise # 7. Match the job to the workplaces

A. NurseBStore
B. CashierDHotel
C. TeacherERestaurant
D. HousekeeperAHospital
E. CookCSchool



  1. Azar, Betty. English Basic Grammar 2nd ed. Editorial Production, New York, United State of America.
  2. Dos Santos, Manuel. Super goal. Book 1. McGraw-Hill.
  3. Podnecky, Janet. Put English to work. Level 1. Contemporary Books. United State of America.
  4. English Dictionary,
  5. Internet
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