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Obsession by the figure

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The fashion, like almost everything, always goes and comes. In these years everything returns although with some innovations, to adapt to the New style. For that reason, many designers define to the 90 as “the mixture of all the styles”

The platform shoes. The strong colors. The classic black. The colors pies, everything arrives again, with greater or smaller acceptance.

It returns mini and the skirt to the knee. The trousers of low shot and the decolletes. The wide and finite accessories, portfolios and cintos. Everything is recycle. The clothes are superposed. They jean is transformed along with into classic a leather.


The supermodels continue imposing bodies without perfect curves and faces almost. These years the obsession by the thinness is transformed into a “epidemic”, specially between the women. To be thin is an almost forced challenge for the modern woman.

The hairdos tend to respect the nature of the hair. Simple, long and short styles. The blonde continues being the color chosen by the women, although the red ones manage to put completely in the world of the fashion.

The footbridges of Milan direct the fashion, although the diversity of the collections increases beyond the footbridges.

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