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Webscolar » Biografías » How Mireya Moscoso help others?

How Mireya Moscoso help others?

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Is she one of the Persons Who Made a Difference?




How Mireya Moscoso helped others?

During the government of Mireya Moscoso she helped all the poor people in the near provinces, such as, in Los Santos, Herrera, Pedasi, and more.

They give to them, a new form of farming, she implement the sustainable farms for farmers in those provinces. Her government faced the necessities of her people, giving priority to social problems such as, education, health, employees, and roads.

She followed the ideals of her spouse Arnulfo Arias who gave an important value to women, Also Mireya valuated woman like contributor of the national development from the rural area, the home and in the public scope. In its government it has given opportunity to the women in all the hierarchies: there are three ministers and three vice-ministers.

How the person first started to do her special work?

This person started her special mission, when she became President of the Republic of Panama in 1999. But all started when they political party got the control of the Legislative Assembly and the Supreme Court.

Problems that Mireya Moscoso had in her work?

Some of the problems that Mireya Moscoso had during her government were:

  • She didn’t had al the disputants working with her, that’s why she couldn’t perform laws for beneficing poor people during the beginning of her government.
  • There wasn’t enough money to repair and satisfy all the necessities of her people at the beginning.
  • Some media didn’t published there Successes, and there projects done to poor people, that’s why our people didn’t know there projects.

Successes that the Mireya Moscoso has had?

  • Mireya Moscoso increases the security of our country just for a few months of ending her government; but she controls this social problem, calling her acts “Mano Dura”.
  • One of her Successes was the gratitude of people that she helped this fact make her happy.
  • She made a few of projects such as the centenary bridge, that is one of the beauties of the country

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