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Webscolar » Inglés » Create sentences on presente, paste and future tense

Create sentences on presente, paste and future tense



  1. Ana beats the task.
  2. The boys hear music.
  3. The pigeon drink water.
  4. Juan fights with his brother.
  5. The police find a body.
  6. Alicia forgets her task.
  7. The girl keeps her toy.
  8. Luis and Alberto buy his books.
  9. The women sing.
  10. Marta forgives her father.


  1. Julio and Esteban came from Mexico.
  2. Luisa fed the dog.
  3. She flew to Miami last week.
  4. The children drew beautiful pictures.
  5. The workers dug a deep hole.
  6. The leaves of the trees fell earlier.
  7. Miguel misunderstood Sandra.
  8. The boy broke the door.
  9. Monica felt sick in her vacations to Europe.
  10. My sister made ginger cookies.


  1. Carlos will freeze without a coat.
  2. Alex will take English classes.
  3. The movie will begin in 5 minutes.
  4. My mom will drive to Chiriqui next weekend.
  5. I will do my homework tomorrow.
  6. Federico will pay his credit card.
  7. If you don’t follow instructions will lose our trust.
  8. Martin will sell his house.
  9. The baby will swim in the pool.
  10. Laura and I will eat at Fridays in a few hours.

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