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Basic Panama geography for primary school


  1. What is the meaning of Panama Name?

Panama is another word from another dialect which means an “abundance of butterflies”. I guess if you have a green thumb, you’d gravitate towards this definition.

  1. Investigate if the government is planting plants, and how many they are planting?

The reforestation immigration law has been changed a few times over recent years as each new government issues its own version of the law.  As it stands now, the law requires an investment of $80,000 for a foreigner to qualify for a residency visa (spouse and children pay a small additional fee but may immigrate under the same application).

  1. What the government is doing to take care of Panama geography lands and plants?

The Panama government is making strategies and plan with other institutes for promoting reforestation plan.

  1. Which is the name of the institution that is in charge of taking care of Panama geography lands and plants

ANAM is the institution that take care of the geography lands and plants

  1. Make a list of disadvantages that the damages are causing to Panama geography lands and plants.


Some list of disadvantages is:

  • Less water for irrigation would result in less harvest
  • Production of Greenhouse gases
  • Global warming
  • Affects the water cycle (stop raining)
  1. Give ten recommendations

Ten recommendations are:

  1. Recycle garbage
  2. Throwing garbage’s
  3. Cultivate more trees
  4. Stop burning cultive lands
  5. Use more organic products
  6. Then when you get done drinking water or a pop, rinse it out and put it in the right container.
  7. Use more your bicycle instead of the car for reducing the CO2
  8. when printing paper at work, however much you want your paper to look very nice- always go for a small (but readable,) font.
  9. Reduce water consumption by placing, bottles inside the water tanks at home.
  10. Minimize watering gardens and promote the drip system.



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